IRLP - Internet Radio Linking Project

N1KM node 7090 - Cedar Park, TX

I host N1KM's IRLP node 7090. The node is linked to the KC5WLF repeater in Cedar Park.

Access to the node is open. The node can be accessed via KC5WLF's repeater on 145.370, negative offset, 103.5 PL tone. To access the node key the IRLP node number to connect to. To disconnect the node dial #. The map below shows the location of the KC5WLF repeater.

More information on IRLP, including a node list can be found at

History of node 7090

Node 7090 was originally brought up ny N1KM (Matt) as a simplex node when he was located in Austin. In 2003 Matt moved back to 1 land, and graciously left the node with KD5TFD in Austin. In late 2003 the node was linked to the KC5WLF repeater to give it better coverage and make it more accessible. The node is frequently used by local amateurs when travelling out of the area and has been used by travelling amateurs passing through town.

Small world

My interest in IRLP goes back to my newbie days as Technican class licensee. A very interesting IRLP contact for me happened over Thanksgiving 2002. I was visiting family in NY and was trying to use the N2ACF IRLP node to link back to Austin. After talking to one of the locals on the repeater, I heard N5DRG (Danny) calling for KD5TFD (me!). Danny is one of the local hams I know and I was quite surprised to hear him on a UHF repeater in NY. I returned the call as "N5DRG where are you?". Danny then told me he was in his truck in Texas and had heard me on the 29.640 repeater out of NY. As it turns out the N2ACF UHF machine I was using in NY is linked to N2ACF's 10 meter repeater, which is where Danny heard me. Danny and I were able to make contact a number of mornings while I was in New York. I also talked to John (KE5RS) via this path.

This is one of the experiences that pushed me to upgrade to an HF license. I was fascinated that Danny could be talking to me over the air from Texas to NY. That contact was one of the things that motivated me to get an HF license.

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