QRSS with the SDR-1000

Recently copied a QRSS station using a Flex-Radio SDR-1000 and Spectran. The station being copied was KD5VDO's new HiFer Beacon on 13.555 MHz. The screen shot below shows the signal captured with the SDR 1000 and also with a Kenwood TS 2000. The signal is QRSS 3 (3 seconds dots) and is the characters VDO over and over.

After seeing the wavering on the SDR received QRSS signal decided to see how it did with a stronger signal. The screen shot below is of WWV @ 15 MHz (radio set to USB, 14.999 MHz). Both radios had been powered up for over 3 hours before the screen shot below was taken.

I do not know what is causing the wavering of the signal copied by the SDR 1000. The screen captures were done using the same sound card for Spectran in both cases and the same antenna as the TS 2000. The SDR 1000 was setup using Power SDR 0.1.2 Beta, RFE board and a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz Sound card.

Update - 6 Sept 2004: Did some more tests and it appears the wobble is proportional frequency. Screen captures for different frequencies are here.

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Last Updated: 30 August 2004

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