KB9YIG's SDR Sampler Board

This is a quick page for KBBYIG's sampler board. This is a QSD/QSE 40 meter CW SDR rig. For now all I've got is some pictures of the board.

20 May 2005: Bare board

Here's the bare board and the surface mount parts to go on it.

21 May 2005: Finest Pitch Parts Installed

Decided to dig in on the board last night and started with the hardest parts first. The pitch on the bus switches is the finest I've ever tried to do and it was a bit of a challenge. Getting the chips aligned and the first pin tacked was rather tedious, I eventually did it but it took a number of attempts on each of them.

On other surface mount projects I've done in the past I've soldered a pin at a time on the chips. On these fine parts that proved to be impractical. On these fine pitch parts I ended up just dragging the iron over the pins and using solder wick to remove the bridges. That technique seems to work quite well, although it's pretty scary initially to see all that solder in there and wonder if you'll be able to wick it out!

Got a few more parts on the board. These additions were much easier than the first set.

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Last Updated: 23 May 2005

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