On to Nickle and Smithville

After passing through Gonzales, it was time to get on to Nickle. Looking at a map, it appeard Nickle was perhaps a mile down a side road off of FM something or other from Gonzales to Moulton. I came to a gravel road approximately where the map showed Nickle, so I turned on to the gravel road. After a mile or two on this gravel/dirt road, I was pretty sure I was not on the road to Nickle. Ah well, I decided to see where the road went. After about 15 miles, the road finally game out to a paved main road in Shiner. Argh -- I'd travelled much too far south for Nickle. I headed up Texas 95 to Moulton, and headed out FM somthing or other to see if I could find Nickle from the other direction.

After a couple miles drive out of Moulton, I came upon Nickle. It was just a few hundred yards beyond where I'd turned off the main road. The picture shows the only remants of the town of Nickle. There are no signs or historical markers, but the town does show up on a late 1990's edition of Roads of Texas map. Wonder what became of the town?

After Nickle, it was time to head back to Moulton, and head North up Texas 95 to Smithville. Smithville is know as a quaint little Texas town here in Central Texas. It's big claim to fame is that the movie "Hope Floats" was filmed there.

I was hoping to see a small railroad museum in Smithville, but it was closed by the time I arrived. These two cabooses are in a nice park outside the museum.

After missing out on the railroad museum I looked around Smithville a bit. It is a quite nice small town. The pictures show a clock in downtown, and the post office in a rather substantial looking building.

Smithville was the last stop of the day. The trip turned out to be a total of 262 miles and took about 8 hours.

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