Hello and welcome to my amateur radio page. My name is Bill and I have an amateur radio station in Round Rock, TX. I've been licensed since the summer of 2002, and got an HF license in March of 2003. Locally around Austin I can usually be found monitoring the 145.370 KC5WLF repeater, the 441.600 KE5RS repeater, and 223.500 simplex.

I've been licensed since summer of 2002 and enjoy amateur radio immensely. There's something magic about being able to send and receive signals all over the world.


KD5TFD is located in Round Rock, Williamson County, Texas. Round Rock is just north of Austin the capital of Texas.

30 30.20 N
97 41.93 W
Grid: EM10dm


I can operate on all the amateur bands from 160 meters though 70 cm. For HF work I mostly use an Kenwood TS 2000 and an assortment of wire antennas. For local VHF/UHF I've use an Yaesu FT 8900. I've also got an assortment of other radios. Read more...


I work mostly digital modes (PSK, MFSK, Hell, MT63) on 20 and 40 meters. Work a bit of CW with a computer and MRP 40, a CW decoding program. I've been very impressed with MRP 40's decoding ability. Will try just about any digital mode. I do not work much sideband, the noise on HF is just awfully tough on my ears!


Interested in the technical side of most things radio related. Enjoy building kits and homebrewing station accessories. Information on some of these can be found on my projects page.

Software defined radio (SDR) is another interest. I graduated from college with an EE degree, but have worked professionally as a software programmer, so SDR is an area that is very interesting to me. I have a Flex-Radio SDR 1000 by AC5OG that I've been playing around with. Unfortunately, I've not been able to much time to get into doing any serious experimenting with it.

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