KD5TFD: SDR 1000 Notebook

This page is my online lab notebook for playing with the SDR 1000.

Hardware Mods, Project Ideas, and Data sheets

Some hardware mods and project ideas:

Doodled block diagram for external preamp and audio input switching - from a Teamspeak discussion. This will probably never be built as the current consensus of the SDR folks is to do it with two sound cards in the computer.

Aux radio control doodles - from a TeamSpeak discussion

FST3126 Mod - obsolete as this has now been fixed in software

Some pictures of the SDR 1000 boards

KB9YIG's SDR Sampler - a 40 meter QSD/QSE CW QRP rig

KB9YIG's Soft Rock 40 receiver, with a NJ QRP DDS lash up.

Software Mods and Ideas

CAT Control - With Bob (K5KDN) have started to modify the PowerSDR console to support control from external Ham radio progams that support CAT. See the link for details.

Logarithmic filter controls - A mod I've done to PowerSDR 1.3.4 to add a logarithmic filter width control and bandwidth sensitive IF shift control.

My charts from a presentation on Digital Modes on the SDR 1000 given at Austin Summerfest 2005.

Some thoughts on spurs around 28.500 MHz recently discussed on the mailing list.

Links to some other folks SDR stuff

Flex Radio

DttSP - DSP code used in PowerSDR

Phil Covington's (N8VB) PowerSDR code and SharpDSP - in C#

Bob Tracy's (K5KDN) SDR Stuff - Bob and I work together on the CAT stuff. Bob does most of the actual CAT command implementation and has details of the CAT commands PowerSDR implements on his site.

N9VV's SDR 1000 site

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Last Updated: 4 July 2005

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