1 October 2007 - HPSDR Update Presentation from the 2007 ARRL/TAPR DCC

Posted a copy of my "HPSDR Update" slides from the Sept 2007 ARRL/TAPR DCC.

4 December 2006 - Codec chip Bakeoff Paper from ARRL/TAPR DCC

Posted a copy of "Janus - A Sound Card designed for Software Defined Radios". This is a paper Phil Harman (VK6APH) and I did for the 2006 ARRL/TAPR DCC that talks about the design of the Janus card for HPSDR. Has some good comparisons of various hi end audio codecs.

17 September 2006 - Austin Spectrum Analyzer Plots

Posted some plots of the radio spectrum in Austin done using my newly acquired HP8590B Spectrum Analyzer.

5 August 2006 - Summerfest presentation posted

I've posted my presentation on "SoftRock and HPSDR" from Austin Summerfest here.

26 January 2006 - Xylo Wolfson Lash up spectrum pics

Posted a writeup on some interesting spectrum pics I came across writing code to interface PowerSDR to the Xylo Wolfson FPGA lash up I've been working on.

16 January 2006 - Soft Rock v5 Scope shots

Posted pictures of some scope traces from a 20 meter SoftRock V5

4 November 2005 - Soft Rock v5 1st Look

Posted pictures of the new Soft Rock v5 boards.

28 August 2005 - Hamtronics R139 Computer control

Posted details on adding computer tuning control to the Hamtronics R139 Weather Fax Receiver. I'm now using this to automatically tune my R139 receiver.

4 July 2005 - Soft Rock 40

Added a page on KB9YIG's Soft Rock 40 receiver. The Soft Rock 40 is a simple software defined receiver to 40 meters.

18 April 2005 - SDR-1000 Notebook

Started an SDR-1000 Notebook and added a writeup on CAT control for PowerSDR.

2 January 2005 - SDR-1000 writeup

Added a writeup on my SDR-1000 setup.

3 October 2004 - SDR-1000 frequency wobble fixed (more or less)

Wrote up fix of the frequency wobble I've been seeing on my SDR-1000. Adding some large capacitors on the power supply rails seems to have greatly reduced the wobble.

20 September 2004 - SDR-1000 frequency wobble diagnosed

Wrote up diagnosis of the frequency wobble I'm seeing on my SDR-1000. Much to my surprise the case fan seems to be causing it.

11 September 2004 - 2003 Frequency Measurement Test results

Wrote up results for the 2003 ARRL Frequency Measurement test. A little behind on my web updating as the results on this were announced in February 2004!

6 September 2004 - Update on QRSS on SDR-1000

Posted results of looking at the frequency wobble I saw playing with QRSS on the SDR 1000.

30 August 2004 - QRSS on the SDR-1000

Posted a writeup on doing some QRSS work with the SDR-1000. Seeing some frequency wavering that I do not understand on the SDR-1000.

1 August 2004 - PC IR Remote Control Xcvr

Posted a writeup on the PC IR Remote Control Xceiver circuit I've been playing with lately.

26 June 2004 - Field Day pictures posted

Field Day pictures are now posted.

1 June 2004 - MPX 96 Stereo Transmitter

Added a writeup on my latest project, an FM Stereo transmitter.

6 May 2004 - QRSS

Added a writeup on some QRSS monitoring I've been playing with lately. QRSS is a mode used to copy signals at QRPp levels -- 100 mW or less typically.

Lots of updates - May 2, 2004

Have done a major update to the site to get some more recent content out here and to make it easier to navigate and easier to maintain. Hopefully I will not be so far behind in updating this site with the new layout.

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